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Celebrate Easter at Pathway Church

It's that time of the year again! Easter can be a tricky holiday to celebrate. On the one hand you have eggs, baskets, dye, and loads of candy. But then again, isn't Easter supposed to be "religious"?

It's true, Easter is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We should be thankful for all God has done, by sending his Son to die on a cross for our sins. However, this doesn't mean that Easter needs to be boring and overly spiritual. Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, not a punishment. So instead of focusing on the eggs and candy, let's focus on something else, the cross.

The Cross is not an icon of pain and suffering, it offers hope, safety, love. While most of us probably grew up seeing this as something we quietly bow our heads to and lament the anguish of our king, try seeing it as Jesus with his arms out wide saying "I love you this much. I am here because I care."

Kids need to know we care, and Jesus cares. We use symbols like gifts and eggs to help children understand the value of what Christ did for all of us. Many of us Christians have become so obssessed with the commercialism of Easter, that we have forgotten why many of these "traditions" started in the first place.

This Easter, begin a new tradition. Go to Church. Visit a place that helps you remember and gets your family back to the roots of Easter. You might be surprised how refreshing it can be. Church doesn't need to be a somber, slow experience. It can be a new start and refreshing reminder that there is one who is greater than us, and has everything under control.

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